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UH Moment: “Student Success/Jessica Zhou”

Her nimble fingers glide across the piano keys, peacefully and effortlessly giving melody to sheets of notes. Jessica Zhou found her life’s work at the University of Houston. Hear about her in this UH Moment.

Schubert is the composer who once exclaimed “the moment is supreme.”  Jessica Zhou is a UH piano performance major and winner of the prestigious Marshal Scholarship.  For her, this supreme moment could only come from music. 

“For me, it’s something that feeds my soul, and it feeds everything.  It’s the architecture of who I am,” Zhou said. 

The Moores School of Music student overcame challenges as she settled on music as her life’s pursuit, finding faculty mentors to guide her talent.  Already an accomplished musician, Zhou received the coveted Marshal Scholarship, an honor given only to 40 American students each year.  She’ll pursue her graduate studies in the UK.      

“It’s a blessing.  It’s a gift. And it’s my responsibility to develop it the best that I can,” she said.   

Crediting her academic experiences with her current success, Jessica aims to follow the melody of her heart to pursue performing, teaching or public service so she can make a difference in her community. 

“I see everything that I do, whether it is teaching or performing as an ability to have an impact on the community around me.  Getting this scholarship is what’s going to allow me to make that difference to other people,” Zhou said.   

Jessica Zhou is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston. I’m Marisa Ramirez. 

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