Houstonians Show Their Spirit During ‘Go Houston Texans Day’

Today all Houstonians were encouraged to wear their Houston Texans gear. In anticipation of the Texans' AFC Divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Mayor Annise Parker has declared today "Go Houston Texans Day."

Not too many people could be spotted wearing Texans clothes during lunch time in downtown Houston.

One who was wearing a shirt with a big Texans logo is Liz Sargent, who works at the city library. As a city employee, she was encouraged to show her spirit today by her employer.

“I generally wear my gear for the Texans all weekend, and so I figured, well, I’ll just start on Friday today.”

Jason Vaughn works at Hilcorp energy. He says he’s one of several Hilcorp employees who are wearing Texans gear today, although they weren’t encouraged by their boss. He hopes the Patriots will have an off-day on Sunday.

“The Patriots were off last weekend and they said they’ll have another bye this weekend as well, so…”

Does he think the Texans can win the Super Bowl?

“Ahhh… I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s uncertain… I don’t know. I’m not a huge Texans fan, honestly. I’m a Cowboys fan, so… (laughs).”

Mayor Annise Parker says she considered declaring last Friday Texans day but didn’t get around to it. The Texans have now matched their best ever playoff result from last year and Parker says should they win on Sunday, next Friday will again be “Go Houston Texans Day.”

“Great way to build sort of a community spirit on behalf of our Texans, although Houston’s already pretty supportive of the Houston Texans.”

Parker says she’ll be watching Sunday’s game at home with her kids, who, like her, are all Texans fans. Her thoughts on Houston’s chances?

“It depends on which team shows up. I know they’re quite capable of winning on Sunday. The defense has to play a superb game and the offense has to execute.”

Tim Prejean, who works for Exxon Mobile and has been wearing his Texans gear all week long at work, has no doubts.

“Win! Ain’t no thoughts, just winning, baby. It’s all about winning. Ain’t no in-between.”


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