Tonight Is The Finale Of Texas Music Festival

Many Houstonians don't know there's a classical music festival right on their doorstep. The month long Texas Music Festival features some familiar names, like Beethoven and Brahms, but performed by young musicians.

Rehearsals are underway at the University of Houston’s Moores Opera House. Young musicians from all across the country and the world are preparing for the grand finale of the Texas Music Festival tonight.

Gloria Yun is one of those young musicians. She’s from New York City and plays the flute in the orchestra.

“Most of the times the pieces that we are all doing is for the very first time, and to share this kind of experience with phenomenal conductors and phenomenal musicians is just an explosion of the imagination. It’s really transforming and I’m enjoying every second of it.”

The festival is in its 23rd year and aims to bring together talented music students to play and learn from professionals.

That’s a piece by the German composer Paul Hindelmith performed by the young musicians a week into the festival.

Alan Austin is its director. He marvels at their abilities.

“When you listen to it, you have to remember that they hadn’t even been playing together for a week and it’s a very rhythmic, a very virtuosic kind of piece for the orchestra.”

Austin says the festival enables young musicians to focus on their instruments and covers as much work in one month as a whole year of music school. He says students benefit from networking opportunities that can pay rich dividends much later in their lives.

The festival also takes place at the Woodlands Pavilion and Texas A&M. Tonight’s grand finale is at Moore’s Opera House with performances of Bartok, Dukas and Korngold. 

Voiced by Edel Howlin and witten by Nibin Thomas.



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