Ready For Adoption: Hundreds of Dogs, 11 Cats Rescued From Houston Home

Recently, the Houston Humane Society rescued 245 animals from a dilapidated home in northwest Houston — one of the largest seizures in its history. Now, the Humane Society needs your help to take care of these animals. Wendy Siegle has more.

(Dogs Barking)

The Houston Humane Society is in a bind. They have a lot of animals on their hands.

(Dogs Barking)

234 dogs and 11 cats were rescued on January 21, from a dilapidated home in northwest Houston. Sergeant Stacey Shelky was on the scene with the Humane Society when they made the seizure.

“Going in it was hard to breathe. It was definitely a health hazard. Most of the animals — I’d say 90 percent — were running loose. Dog feces and stuff everywhere: on the ground, in the house, on the floor, on the walls. Very little furniture in the house. Basically, the canines had just taken the place over.”

The owner of the home is a 64 year old woman. She has been consulted by adult protective services. She’s now awaiting formal charges from the District Attorney’s Office.

The Houston Humane Society has legal custody of all 245 animals. Monica Schmidt is Program Director for HHS.

“It’s very good that the dogs are safe. They’re clean. They have access to fresh water and fresh food which is something that they haven’t had in a long time — years, probably.”

The animals are undergoing medical care and are responding well to treatment. Many of the pets are now ready for adoption. Several will be sent to foster care for physical rehabilitation and socialization.

The Humane Society needs your help. With such a large influx of animals, they’ve had to double and triple-up the kennels to make room.

“So we’ve asked Houstonians to come forward and foster some of our current animals that are up for adoption, especially medium to large sized dogs.”

Schmidt says monetary donations and supplies are desperately needed to take care of the animals. To find out more about adoption or foster care, visit the Houston Humane Society.

This story was written by intern Evin Erdowdu, voiced by Wendy Siegle.