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Full Show: Sun Finally Shines On Devastated City, But Flooding Continues (Aug. 30, 2017)

Houston Matters brings you the latest on the continued flooding and continuing recovery efforts across Greater Houston with local officials and News 88.7 reporters.

The sun finally shone over Houston, but flooding still continues and the recovery effort is just beginning.

On Wednesday’s edition of Houston Matters: While the sun finally came out and the rain finally stopped for most of Houston, there’s still plenty of rain falling in areas like Beaumont. And many residents of Greater Houston are still evacuating as some waterways have yet to crest. Meanwhile, countless others begin the long, arduous recovery effort. 

Today, we check in with the National Weather Service to learn the latest on the forecast. We check in on the situation in Beaumont as the storm shifts to the east. And we check in with News 88.7 reporters on the stories they’re covering in the field.

Then, we discuss the political aspects of the storm with two of our regular political analysts, Jeremi Suri of UT and Jay Aiyer of Texas Southern. And our regular sports contributor Jeff Balke discusses the donations and fundraising efforts by local sports teams and athletes — along with the Astros being displaced to Tampa Bay.

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