Plaintiffs In White Oak Music Hall Lawsuit Target City Of Houston

Residents of the Near Northside claim the city is looking the other way instead of protecting them against noise.

The original lawsuit was filed in December, naming White Oak Music Hall and its partners as defendants.

The plaintiffs, neighbors of the music venue, have now added the city to it, alleging it’s not properly enforcing its noise ordinance.

Cris Feldman, the attorney representing the residents, said the city is supposed to measure the noise right at the property line.

 “Instead, what the city of Houston has been doing is taking random sound measurements far away from the venue,” he said, “making enforcement incredibly difficult.”

He also said the city isn’t putting enough resources into the area.

Theresa Cavin, one of the plaintiffs who lives just across a field from White Oak Music Hall, said she has complained at city council meetings to no avail.

 “The only solution that I was given was, what if White Oak puts up a soundproof net?” she said. “Well, that’s not really going to help me in my situation because I have to deal with my son who has special needs and the sound vibrates my house.”

Earlier this year a judge issued a temporary injunction limiting the number of outdoor concerts.

White Oak has said the majority of its events are indoors and not affected by the litigation.

The city declined comment on the lawsuit.


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