Texas Legislature Considers Transportation Bill For Students In High-Crime Areas

A year after the murder of an 11-year-old boy in Houston, the Texas legislature considers a transportation bill for students in high-crime areas. The Josue Flores Bill passed the Senate and is being considered by the Texas House Education Committee. SB 195 would provide transportation funding to help students like Flores, who was stabbed while walking home from Marshall Middle School.

SB 195 would allow a school district or a county to apply for an additional ten percent of its regular transportation allotment to be used for getting kids safely to and from school in high-crime neighborhoods. If passed, the law would take effect this fall. Representative Alma Allen of Houston is on the House Committee for Public Education.

“This bill allows for those who receive funding to address areas of high risk of violence, to support walking transportation programs like ‘Safe Walk Home’ on the North side of Houston.”

The bill has been given the status of “pending” by the Committee on Public Education. There’s no indication whether it will make it to the House floor.

Meanwhile, community members, Mayor Sylvester Turner and other local leaders will memorialize Flores in a special Wednesday afternoon program at Holy Name Catholic Church on Cochran.


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Ed Mayberry

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