UH Moores Concert Chorale Named World Champion At International Competition

Since 2009, the UH chorale has won three international competitions. That’s not just a feather in the cap for the university, it’s one for Houston.

Concert Chorale
Members of the UH Moores Concert Chorale celebrating their victory. The win also included a cash prize of 2,500 Euros. Photo by Jeff Grass


There’s a good reason the University of Houston Moores School Concert Chorale is still celebrating. They’re on a high from winning the prestigious Grand Prix of Nations singing competition in Germany earlier this month. The group returned to Houston as world champs, taking the gold in three of the five categories.

“And then the top score was named the world champion of that category and that’s where we won our world champion in the youth choir category,” said Betsy Weber, who leads the group.  (In this competition, “youth choir” means college undergrads).

Weber added that this award reflects positively not just on the university, but Houston as a whole. 

“And I think that it helps demonstrate the level of music education, certainly, in the entire city of Houston, because all of these singers came from strong musical backgrounds in junior high and from their churches, from their school choirs.”

The chorale competed against approximately 20 choirs from around the world. It’s their third international award since 2009.


Hear a raw version of their performance below: