Why You Should Vote Early In The Primaries

More than 4,000 people took advantage of the first day of early voting in Harris County. Election officials say the process now accounts for almost half the votes cast in Texas.

Activity was buzzing at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center on West Gray as campaign workers encouraged voters not to forget their candidates.

Annie, who didn't give her last name, says there was no last minute pressure as she cast her ballot early.

"I voted on Election Day and it's a huge long line and it takes hours, and I'd much rather vote early and get it over with and not wait in line for a long time."

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart says some 11,000 mail-in ballots were returned for a first day total of more than 15,000 ballots cast.

"It's running almost twice the number of people participating in the Republican primary than are participating in the Democratic primary."

Hernandez: "Which is what you wanted basically?"

Stanart: "Well, since I'm a Republican yes, but at the same time I want every voter to have the right to go vote. We want participation. I only ask that people do their homework. Know why you're voting for a person."

Zack Conner, who came with his friend Annie, says voting early makes a lot of sense.

"I feel like not a lot of young people do it. So, that's why we're both doing it. I mean, she's very adamant, I'm doing it. She told me, 'This is who you're voting for.' I said 'Okay, I trust you. We're living together.'"

Annie: "And also, your vote is your voice, and if you don't vote, you have no voice. So you have no room to complain if you don't vote for who you want."

County Clerk Stanart says he's always looking at ways to make the voting process more efficient.

"Early voting is the most convenient, because you can vote at any of the 39 locations anywhere in Harris County. If you wait until Election Day, you must vote at the location that your precinct is voting."

Early voting ends a week from Friday.