Immigration Judge Grants Continuance For Honduran Family To Stay In US

An immigration judge allows a Honduran family to stay in Houston for a while longer. The attorney representing the family will now be allowed to compile the necessary paperwork to keep them here.

The children of Maria Portillo will remain in Houston at least until August 6th. An immigration judge granted a continuance that allows the Honduran family to file the necessary paperwork to stay here.

Silvia Mintz is their attorney.

“He gave us a continuance until August 6, to give us the opportunity to file the application we need to file to fight the deportation of the children.”

The children were threatened with deportation because they lacked legal representation at several immigration hearings. The judge’s ruling offers the children hope of staying with their mother, who is now married to a citizen of the United States.

Family friend Deyadira Trevino says the continuance allows the stepfather to file an I-130, or a family petition on behalf of his wife’s children.

“The judge’s ruling will allow them to continue to work on the I-130 and other paperwork that needs to be in place until August 6th.”

Immigration attorney Gordon Quan says the judge’s continuance does not guarantee the children will stay in the United States.

“We have a system that’s outdated, that hasn’t been revived in 25 years. And so, we are going to continue to see these types of stories until we see reform within the system.”

The children came to the United States to join their mother, who fled Honduras to escape domestic violence at the hands of the children’s naturalized father. The kids were initially detained at the border but later released to their mother.