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Houston School District Confirms Good Friday, Memorial Day as Make-Up Days For Bad Weather

The recent bad weather forced area schools to close down for two days as a safety precaution. But now parents here in Houston are wondering if their children have to make those days up. And if so, when.

It can be a treat to stay home when it’s cold and icy outside.

But those days off aren’t free for students and teachers in the Houston Independent School District.

They will have to come to school later this year on what would otherwise be two holidays.

Holly Huffman is with HISD.

“We have two designated bad weather make-up days built into our school calendar.  Those days Friday April 18th which is Good Friday and Monday May 26th which is Memorial Day. So those are our designated “bad weather” make-up days.”

Huffman says the board of trustees has already approved this calendar. So the board would have to vote to make any changes and pick other make-up days.

She says that if families observe the Friday before Easter as a religious holiday, their children may be excused.

“No one should be penalized because of their religion. So if you’re absent on Good Friday, those absences will be excused and they won’t count against you as long as you follow the documentation process.”

Huffman says for teachers these make-up days are considered standard work days.

She says if they don’t want to work, then they’ll have to request personal leave or vacation time from their campus administrator.

Like Houston, all districts in Texas must have two make-up days built into their calendar for potential bad weather.

So parents in other areas can check with their districts to find out their scheduled makeup days. 


Laura Isensee

Laura Isensee

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