What Do The Houston Crime Statistics Reveal?

Houston's top cop says the city closed 2013 with a decline in the overall crime rate, and thanked the officers for helping keep the city safe.

Houston ended last year with violent crime down 3-percent from 2012 that included a decrease in three of the four categories of part-1: violent crimes; murder, rape and aggravated assault.

Police Chief Charles McClelland says while robberies were up 5.4-percent over last year.

“For most of the first quarter of 2013, robberies were up by double-digits. So to close out the year with a 5.4 (percent) increase is certainly something that we’re very proud of, and certainly some of our crime strategies that we put in place paid dividends.”

But there were increases in two of the three major categories of Part-1 nonviolent crimes of burglaries, thefts, and auto theft.

“Burglaries in the city were down 10.9-percent, thefts were up about 8.3 percent, and auto thefts were up 4-percent.”

McClelland says he’s not pleased with the increase in thefts, which includes property crime, but he adds auto theft which showed a 9-percent increase, is a crime that can be prevented.

Home burglaries were a bright spot, down 10.2-percent.

“So, when we look at it from a sat. point of how violent this city is, it’s safer in 2013 than it was in 2012.”

He says the decrease in crime statistics from the previous year came despite limited resources and fewer police officers than in 2002.