KUHF Conversations: Jeff Greenfield Discusses Novel ‘If Kennedy Lived’

In his 2011 book, Then Everything Changed, Jeff Greenfield explored how American history might have changed had John F. Kennedy died before becoming president, or if his brother Robert had survived assassination. Greenfield’s latest book explores a different outcome to JFK’s trip to Dallas. KUHF’s Andrew Schneider speaks with Greenfield about his new book, If Kennedy Lived.

Jeff Greenfield is a political commentator for NBC Nightly News. His latest book, If Kennedy Lived, is available in hardback from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

Politics and Government Reporter

Andrew heads Houston Public Media’s coverage of national, state, and local elections. He also reports on major policy issues before the Texas delegations in the U.S. House and Senate, as well as the Texas governorship, the state legislature, and county and city governments. Before taking up his current post, Andrew...

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