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St Thomas Wins Bid For HISD Property With $60 Million Offer

At its meeting last night, the board for the Houston Independent School District picked a winner in the bidding war for a prime piece of school real estate.

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It took three rounds of bidding for the Houston school board to come to a decision.

“Madame President, I move that the board approve the sale of surplus property at 4701 Dickson, the current High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice site.”

The magnet school sits on 11 acres near River Oaks.

The board decided to sell to the highest bidder: the nearby St. Thomas High School which put up $60 million.

“The motion passes unanimously.”

After the vote, the president of St. Thomas High, Father Kevin Storey, called the acquisition a “defining opportunity” for the longstanding Catholic boys’ school.

He said in a statement the school leaders wanted “to capitalize on this one-time chance to expand our campus home.”

Meanwhile, HISD plans to use the sale proceeds to find a new location for its magnet school and build a new campus.

Trustee Juliet Stipeche has close ties to the law enforcement magnet in her district.

“I graduated valedictorian of the class of 1992.”

She has mixed feelings about the sale.

“Although I still feel very sad that law enforcement will be leaving such a beautiful location, I’m happy that the land is going to be for continued educational use as well.”

St Thomas High was the low bidder the first two times.

But this time St Thomas beat out the competitor, a private development group.

But the real winner might be HISD.

The district’s original asking price was $40 million dollars. It got that plus $20 million dollars more. 


Laura Isensee

Laura Isensee

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