Regional Car And Truck Sales Top 30,000 Units For Fourth Straight Month

Sales at Houston-area auto dealers cooled in October, following unusually strong showing in September.

Total sales for the region topped 30,800 cars and trucks last month. Sales were down more than 6% from September and 3% from October of last year.

“But we actually are still quite strong, because we’re remaining above 30,000 units in the month, and that’s the fourth straight month that we’ve done that.”

Steven McDowell is president of InfoNation and publisher of TexAuto Facts.

“I think that we lost a few sales at the margin in October, probably due to some concerns about the government shutdown and, to some extent, job furloughs, although federal employment isn’t that strong here, and then some uncertainty about the outcome of the debt limit negotiations. But all in all it was still a strong month.”

Total year-to-date vehicle sales through October topped 296,000. That’s up 5.5% from the same period in 2012.

Source: InfoNation



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