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MD Anderson Expands To New Jersey

MD Anderson has finalized plans to expand to New Jersey, where it will compete for cancers patients in the South Jersey and the Philadelphia area. The cancer center will partner with Cooper University Hospital.

Cooper University Hospital is an academic medical center based in Camden, New Jersey.

It recently spent $100 million to build a new four-story building for outpatient cancer care.

And it invited MD Anderson to be a clinical partner.

Amy Hay is MD Anderson’s vice president for business development.

“The center will provide the level of patient care that we have here in Houston. And over time we’ll be extending all of our protocols and our translation research to the patients and families of New Jersey.”      

MD Anderson won’t be moving doctors to New Jersey, but will offer opportunities for training to Cooper’s physicians.

In addition to its Camden hospital, the Cooper system includes clinics across southern New Jersey.

MD Anderson will bring its treatment protocols and clinical trials to those patients, and patients there can participate in clinical trials.

The move means MD Anderson will be competing for cancer patients with Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City, and cancer centers in Philadelphia.

Hay says it’s part of MD Anderson’s ongoing expansion strategy. 

“It really goes back to the mission. Our mission is to eradicate cancer, and we really feel strongly that in order to do that we must extend ourselves outside of Houston, Texas.”

 Hay did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

MD Anderson has similar co-branded partnerships with cancer centers in Florida and Arizona.

It also advises cancer hospitals across the country and in Turkey and Spain.