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11 Days Before Final Phase of Law Begins, Obamacare Supporters Remain Positive

A new report on uninsured Texans reveals that 2.6 million of them will be able to buy subsidized health plans under Obamacare. Proponents of the law are still enthusiastic about the final phase, despite some negative messages from Texas politicians.


The new report is from Families USA, a national group that supports the law.

It calculates that almost 2.6 million uninsured Texans have incomes between one hundred and four hundred percent of the poverty level – which means the federal government would kick in a subsidy or tax credit to help pay for their health care.

Executive Director Ron Pollack says Texans with pre-existing conditions will also benefit under the law.

“We estimate that approximately 10.7 million Texans who currently have a pre-existing health condition – like diabetes or high blood pressure or maybe a history of cancer – they no longer will be discriminated against by insurance companies.”

To enroll starting on October 1, Texans can visit or call 1-800-318-2596. 

The new insurance plans are for people who are currently uninsured. They’ll be revealed October 1, through an on-line website with prices and subsidies.

Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett, a Democrat, says people will be able to compare plans in an apples-to-apples manner, and all the plans will have to provide the same basic services. 

“No longer will young women be denied maternity coverage. No longer will mental health coverage be excluded from these policies.”

Enrolling the uninsured will be a massive nationwide task, unprecedented in U.S. history. But Doggett says the government is ready.

“For any rollout of this size. I’m sure there will be some technical glitches along the way but I believe we’ll be ready to go October 1.”

However, it’s unclear if a government shutdown would delay the opening of these on-line insurance marketplaces, or merely slow down the application process.


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