New Apple iPhone 5s Arrives In Houston

Apple's new iPhones are finally here. Customers were waiting in line at many stores in Houston to get their hands on the new device.

The Apple iPhone 5 outsold the iPhone 4s when it came out last fall, and the 5s is expected to set another record.

People here at the AT&T store on Weslayan in Houston waited patiently for the doors to open.

Customer 1: “To get the 5s. It’s twice the speed of iPhone 5, and it’s one of the best phones so far from Apple.”

Customer 2: “I have the iPhone 4s.”

Hernandez: “What have you heard about the iPhone 5?”

Customer 2: “It has a bigger screen. I seem to be reading on this much more than I did maybe a year ago.”

Marci Holland is director of sales for AT&T. Besides being thrilled at the line of new iPhone 5 customers, she says some of the new features are impressive.

“Features include a little thumbprint for security, and they’ve got a great exciting camera (that) actually takes multiple shots, and then saves the best shot. Which is great, right? Because you don’t want people with their eyes closed, you know you want a good shot. And again, the feature of the security on the thumbprint, which is really cool.”

The new fingerprint ID system on the iPhone 5s replaces the 4-digit passcode that can slow you down.

Customer 3: “I have a 5, and my daughter has a 4 and my wife has a 4s. So, we’re switching everybody up to a 5s.”

Customer 4: “The screen is bigger. It’s a lot faster. I like the fingerprint sensor, that’s really cool.”

Customer 5: “Having that sensor. At work especially in a meeting, just press your finger on it. It’ll unlock and you could check to see if any email or messages came out.”

Meanwhile at another location, some Apple fans waiting in an early-morning line for the release of the new iPhone were robbed at gunpoint.