Former Mexico President Makes Bullish Comments About His Country

Mexico's former president was in Houston today for an event sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Houston. Felipe Calderon touts what he sees as progress in the relationship between his country and the United States.

Felipe Calderon served as Mexico’s 56th president from 2006 to 2012. In a speech titled, Full Speed Ahead: Realizing Mexico’s Potential, he told the audience at the Hilton Americas downtown that major economic reforms resulted in continued crime reduction, and improved highways, education and universal health care coverage.

Calderon says during his time, free trade flourished.

“Today, Mexican products have free access to 44 countries. And that implies that a Mexican product pays no tariffs, getting access to more than 1 billion consumers in the world.”

He says cutting red tape and government regulations has led to increased manufacturing and resulted in global competitiveness.

“Sixty percent of manufactured goods are coming from Mexico. When I took office, Mexico was the 9th largest exporter of vehicles in the world. Today, it is the 4th largest exporter of vehicles in the world, surpassing this year Spain and the U.S.”

More exports have led to the decrease in net migration. Caleron says that Mexico’s vast energy resources are attracting investment from major oil companies. He added his priority of major reforms and improved policies have catapulted Mexico into a major player in the global economy.