Grant Helps UH Pharmacy Students Help Homeless

University of Houston pharmacy students and faculty volunteers have received recognition — and funding — for their work to assist the homeless in Houston with health care.

The $16,000 award and grant money will help restock and expand the pharmacy’s supply of common medications.

The Houston Outreach Medicine, Education and Social Services Clinic is open every Sunday — a time when most other health care providers are closed.

Pharmacy faculty member David Wallace says this reduces the use of hospital emergency rooms for non-life-threatening conditions.
“Anything from weather-related illnesses or things that you might expect like cough and colds during the winter months. But we also see a number of patients with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma or folks with mental health issues, also.” 

Volunteer pharmacy students gain a deeper understanding of how homelessness could happen to anyone as a result of life-changing events or circumstances.

“With our pharacy students, you know, oftentimes some medications you might say, ‘Oh, take this medication with food.’ Now, they have to stop and think about where will that next meal for this patient come?”


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