Houston Mayoral Camps Throw Salvos In Defense Of Their Candidates

More salvos are thrown in the race for Houston mayor. Business and community leaders supporting incumbent Annise Parker say challenger and former city attorney Ben Hall is not qualified to be mayor. Hall's press secretary says the incumbent is attempting to dictate the election.

Leaders representing a broad coalition of Houstonians gathered at Annise Parker’s campaign HQ, and said that her main challenger Ben Hall, doesn’t have what it takes to be mayor.

Bert Keller is a former city councilman. He won’t go as far to say that he needs to drop out of the race.

“That’s his choice and that’s his right. But what I am strong about is who has the acumen, the experience and the track record to deal with the problems that are facing this city.”

Others say Hall, a former city attorney, has offered no vision, ideas and no leadership. Welcome Wilson, Jr., chairs the Houston Realty Business Coalition.

He says the big question to Hall is what can you run on?

“His qualifications, in our view, don’t stack up to the mayor’s, and we think the mayor is the best steward of the City of Houston for the next term.”

Julia Smekalina is press secretary for Ben Hall. She called the incumbent a career politician, who has lost her vision for the city.

“The mayor of this city needs to have a vision for what this city can become.”

Dr. Jon Taylor chairs the political science department at University of St. Thomas. He says he expects the race for mayor to get heated from here until Election Day.

“I think she might also be a little bit nervous. You don’t start calling for your opponent to withdraw in a race that obviously is gonna be contentious, obviously has a lot of money already at stake.”

Voters will decide on November 5th.