Identity Thieves Posing As Court Officers, Threatening Arrest To Extract Personal Info

The Harris County District Clerk's office is warning that identity thieves are targeting county residents with a scam involving jury service.

County residents are receiving phone calls, telling them they’ve failed to answer a jury summons and that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.  The caller then says the warrant can be handled over the phone — but that the resident will need to provide some personal information.

Kevin Mauzy, chief deputy for the Harris County District Clerk, says it’s a scam.

“They’ll proceed to take the birthdate, driver’s license, Social Security Number of the victim, and then use it to purchase things, create new credit accounts and things like that, ruining the credit for the victim.”

Mauzy says neither the clerk’s office nor the courts call county residents to threaten arrest for failure to appear at a jury summons. Nor, he says, do they ever ask for personal information over the phone. He says the best thing residents can do under the circumstances is hang up on the caller and contact the district clerk’s office to report the call.

Anyone with concerns regarding jury service can contact the Harris County Jury Information Center at (713) 755-6392 or the District Clerk Call Center at 713.755.7300.



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