KUHF News Team Wins Seven Lone Star Awards; Reporter Dave Fehling Wins Radio Journalist of the Year

The KUHF News team took home seven Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club on Friday, August 2 with Dave Fehling winning Radio Journalist of the Year.

E-1 Radio Journalist of the Year

2013 – 1st Place: Dave Fehling, KUHF-Houston

*Award comments: This reporter shows his skill in handling several different issues — and handling them well. In this category — where every entrant could be the first place winner, he is first among equals.

2013 – 3rd Place: Laurie Johnson, KUHF-Houston

E-2 Hard News Feature

2013 – 3rd Place: Dave Fehling, KUHF-Houston, “Who Will Pay for Roads Damaged by Fracking?”


E-3 Soft News Feature

2nd Place: Edel Howlin, KUHF-Houston, “Hen Laws in Houston”


E-6 Radio Series

2013 – 3rd Place: Andrew Schneider, KUHF-Houston, “Business School Behind Bars”


E-7 Use of Sound

2013 – 2nd Place: Dave Fehling, KUHF-Houston, “Toxic Legacy, 30 Years Later”

2013 – 3rd Place: Ed Mayberry, KUHF-Houston, “Rodeo Music Archives”