Cornyn: Social Security Needs Fixing Or It Will Go Broke

A coalition of groups that claims to represent millions of Americans, has launched an effort to expand social security benefits. It has called out Texas Sen. John Cornyn for wanting to actually cut benefits.

Protestors called together by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, gathered in front of Sen. Cornyn’s Houston office to say they didn’t like him supporting cuts to Social Security benefits.

John Canales Gorczynski is president of the Texas Young Democrats.

“Every week we hear that corporations are cutting benefits and pensions, and young people like myself are living on multiple part time jobs to make ends meet, which is why Social Security is more important now than ever. And we’re here to make clear to John Cornyn that Social Security is going to be a very important issue in 2014.”

Lucille Martin
Lucille Martin speaks with reporters

He was joined by Lucille Martin, a 90-year old real estate agent who’s been receiving social security for 28 years.

“I keep working to keep going, and in order to keep this going, we’re going to have to put a lid on the cookie jar and slap those hands that keep taking money out of our Social Security. In order to enhance what we need to do to keep it going, we’re going to have to create good paying jobs. Because when people have good paying jobs, they can put more money back into the till.”

Andy Achenbaum is professor of Social Work and History at the University of Houston.

“I’ve been contributing for fifty years. I expect my grandchildren to contribute for fifty years, because it is the basic compact that we all share against risks. As a historian, I am convinced that Social Security is the most important piece of social legislation this nation has ever passed.”

John Cornyn: “The problem is Social Security is unsustainable on its current path.”

Sen. Cornyn says because more people are drawing from Social Security Disability Insurance, it  has experienced exponential growth and could run out of money.

Andy Achenbaum
Andy Achenbaum, professor of Social Work and History at the University of Houston, speaks with reporters.

“We have made promises to seniors that we will not be able to keep unless the president and both houses of Congress act to sustain and reform Medicare and Social Security. Thankfully we are living longer and more productively, but what we haven’t done is to modernize Social Security and Medicare, and that’s what we need to do.”

Some experts say a simple solution could be to put more money into the system, reduce benefits, or some combination of the two.