Today’s Protest Against The Zimmerman Verdict Marches Through Downtown Houston

Dozens of protesters unhappy with the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial gathered for a noon rally to march through downtown Houston. The protest began today at the Harris County Criminal Courts at 1201 Franklin St, marched to the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse on 515 Rusk Avenue and then entered City Hall.

The rally began around noon in front of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, chanting, and holding signs.

“… No justice, no peace … No justice, no peace … No justice, no peace …”

The demonstration was organized in response to the acquittal of Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who was tried in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager.

This is community activist Quanell X.

“This rally is to make sure that the jury in Sanford, Florida does not have the final say in the killing of young Trayvon Martin. This rally is to say Trayvon Martin’s death is not in vain. This rally is to say that we will continue marching and protesting until justice comes to the Martin family. We’re marching and we’re demanding the Department of Justice indict George Zimmerman for civil rights violations of young Trayvon Martin. We’re marching to say to the jury in Sanford Florida: You’re not going to stop us now. You will not have the last word.”

Protesters then marched  several blocks to the federal courthouse, demanding a Deptartment of Justice investigation of Zimmerman.

Some protesters tried to force their way into the federal courthouse, but were stopped in their tracks at the door.

Monday evening, hundreds of protesters lead by Quanell X blocked traffic on Highway-288 near Southmore for awhile.