Houston Planning Department Will Hear Public Comment On Possible Street Changes

The Houston Planning Department is having a public hearing this week on proposed changes to the way some streets are classified.

Houston’s Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan dates back to the 1940’s. 

Every year the city makes changes to the plan to reflect new development and traffic patterns. 

This year the Planning Department is looking to amend the classification of close to 60 streets, and those changes could possibly lead to more lanes or different street alignments in the future. 

But the Planning Department’s Suzy Hartgrove says the thoroughfare plan does not include right-of-way acquisition or timetables for construction. That depends on the individual project.

“A developer could request a change to the major thoroughfare because they have a development they want to put in and they want a certain alignment. So they may be putting in that street sooner rather than later.” 

One of the major streets included in the plan is Richmond Avenue. Metro is asking the city to reclassify a section of Richmond as a transit corridor street. 

That would accommodate a proposed light rail line. 

“If you re-develop you can bring property closer to the street, if you add certain wider sidewalks and pedestrian enhancements.” 

That public hearing is 2:30 Thursday afternoon at the City Hall Annex. 


Gail Delaughter

Gail Delaughter

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