With Construction Finished, Toshiba Starts to Beef Up Hiring at Houston Plant

Toshiba International has finished work on a $20 million expansion of its northwest Houston plant, which turns out industrial control equipment. The company has already started hiring additional workers to staff the larger facility.

Toshiba says it will bring 100 new jobs to the enlarged plant, bringing its Houston workforce to more than 1,500. Mark Laber is a business unit manager at the facility.

“The folks that we’re hiring range all the way from floor manufacturing to design engineering to plant management roles.”

The expansion will produce equipment used to control the speed of industrial machinery.

“The products that are going to be manufactured in this assembly are primarily used for the infrastructure equipment, such as large pumps and pipelines and fans — the sort of things that our general audience doesn’t ever see but reaps the benefits of when it comes to freshwater delivered to their homes or oil delivered to their pipeline hubs.”

Ground broke on the project in August 2012. Production is set to begin in the new space by the end of the year.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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