Astrodome Plan Goes To County Commissioners For Approval

We'll likely know a lot more about the future of the Astrodome tomorrow after a key vote that could steer how local elected officials move forward on the aging Houston icon.

The board of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation is expected to approve a preferred plan for the Dome that will then be presented to Harris County Commissioner’s June 25th.

Earlier this month, the Sports and Convention Corporation received close to 20 proposals on Dome projects and has been analyzing them since.

Willie Loston is the Corporation’s Executive Director.

“The board is going to vote on the recommendations from the staff regarding what should go to Commissioners Court at this time.”  

Loston wouldn’t say which plan is the favorite right now, but does say the vote will be a big step in the right direction. 

“I think we are clearly moving in a direction that will bring resolution to this issue sooner rather than later.” 

Earlier this year, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett told KUHF that the ultimate decision on the Dome will likely be made by local voters sometime in the next couple of years.