DPS Troopers Target Unsafe Trucks On Houston’s Roadways

Commercial vehicles are being targeted for inspection as DPS troopers take part in the "Roadcheck 2013" enforcement effort.

Roadcheck 2013 is a three-day nationwide effort sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.  The goal is to prevent accidents that are caused by trucks and buses that aren’t operating safely, either because of mechanical problems or unqualified drivers. 

Sergeant John Sampa with DPS in Houston says troopers around the state are authorized to conduct random inspections. 

“Inspections can range anywhere from inspecting a driver to see his condition, to see if his paperwork is up-to-date, as well as checking the truck out for equipment violations.”

And Sampa says one of the big things they’re looking for is whether drivers of flatbed trucks have their loads safely secured.

“A lot of these trucks go down the road, 80,000 pounds, and they’re going down the road at high rates of speed. So when you have that type of load on your truck and you’re trying to stop or maneuver that truck, it could be very difficult for that truck driver.”

DPS says it inspected about 8,000 commercial vehicles in Texas during last year’s effort. Over 20 percent of those vehicles had violations so serious that they had to be taken off the road.


Gail Delaughter

Gail Delaughter

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