Comicpalooza Shatters 2012 Attendance Record

Comicpalooza wrapped up its three-day run at the George R. Brown Convention Center Sunday.

Tickets for Comicpalooza ranged from $12 for a one-day child’s pass to $150 for VIP access. And the admission price was only the tip of what attendees spent here. I spoke with Chad Clough and his son as they browsed through board games at a dealer’s table. Each carried a bag of merchandise.

“We have a man cave, so we’ve got a pop figure, Leonidas from [the graphic novel and movie] 300, and bought two comics. And, what else did we get?”


“Yeah, we bought some lights for the man cave. Neon lights.”

Matt Jeffers is a Comicpalooza employee, who sold tickets for autograph sessions with the event’s most prominent guests — including Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

“In like the first hour, we did over $4000 in autograph sales in, like, 30 minutes.”

It’ll take a while before all the numbers are in, but the signs point to the convention doubling the previous attendance record of 10,000 visitors.

From left to right: Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, Dark Phoenix and Rogue from X-Men, and Steampunk Queen Victoria and John Brown.



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