AAA Texas: Memorial Day Weekend Travel Busier Than Last Year

AAA Texas says the state's highways will be busier this Memorial Day weekend compared to last year.

It’s the annual start to the summer travel season, and AAA Texas is forecasting a 1.1 percent increase compared to 2012.  Sarah Schimmer is with AAA’s Houston office.

“So this year, 2.9 million Texans will take to the roads, skies and bus, train or cruise ship. Of that 2.9 million Texans total traveling, 2.5 million will be on our roads.”  

The average distance Texans will travel can be quantified, too.

“The expected round-trip for the average Texas family taking a road trip this weekend is 829 miles, and again that’s round-trip. AAA Texas, when we’re putting our forecast together, we look at a trip fo 50 miles or more. But the average Texas, regardless of their mode of transportation, will be traveling probably a round trip of 829 miles, which is a lot compared to the national average.”

Schimmer says their forecast also looks at the economic side of Memorial Day travel.

“And then Texans, not only do the travel long distances, they spend a lot of money, as well. The average family will spend about $560 on their Memorial Day trip.”  

AAA Texas is advising drivers to keep their cars well-maintained. They recommend packing all bags inside the vehicle and not on the roof to reduce drag. And traveling the speed limit helps to conserve fuel.


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