Expect Another Round Of Inclement Weather Before Mother’s Day

The sun may be out now, but weather forecasters tell us we're not out of the woods when it comes to drenching thunderstorms. They expect one more round of heavy rain before it clears in time for Mother's Day.

Thunderstorms rumbled through the area turning skies nearly black, knocking out power for thousands and flooding roads across the city. Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District says it tested the main watersheds.

“All the watersheds are doing very well. We did have one minor problem area, and that was on the lower portion of south Mayde Creek, which is over off I-10 and Highway 6. That creek did get right to bank full, but since has crested right at bankful and is now beginning to fall. All the other watersheds are doing very well, they’re well within their banks and draining the water out.”

The grounds are saturated after rains of 1-5 inches since early this morning, and any additional rainfall will result in quicker runoff and rises on area bayous and streams. Lindner says one big plus is the time between storms.

“One thing that is really working in our favor is we are getting these bands and clusters of thunderstorms, but they are moving fast enough that it’s not dropping the intense rainfall, and we’re getting breaks between the clusters, which is allowing the water to go down, and it’s allowing the bayous and watersheds to drain the water out. So, that’s the best news we have is that we’re getting these 6 and 12 hour breaks between the storms and allowing the water to drain out.”

He says the main focus is on the next round of bad weather, which is expected between midnight and 6 a.m.

“It looks like we’ll see another round of thunderstorms, which is currently developing near the Mexican border west of San Antonio right now. That looks to be another round that comes in, and that may be the final round. It just depends on how worked over our air mass gets, and how much regeneration of storms we might get Saturday afternoon.”

Despite the respite, Francisco Sanchez with the Harris County Office of Emergency Management cautions motorists not to drive through water on roadways, because it may difficult to determine how deep the water may be.

“Patience is the key and safety of the utmost importance. So you want to be able to show up on Mother’s Day with the car that you have now, and not flood yours out. So be patient, stay safe and after Saturday you can hopefully enjoy a very nice Sunday.”