High-Tech Vending Machines Distributing Healthier Products

You may start seeing vending machines that dispense healthier food around Houston.

Houston Healthy Vending is a new franchise with machines that have fresh fruit, hummus, yogurt, and other better-for-you foods and beverages.

Corban Bates says the products come from vending machines of the future:

“You’re gonna see a big 23-inch LCD screen up top which can run things like advertisements, nutrition facts, nutrition data on all the products in there. It’s all completely customizable inside. There’s, you know, usually about seven different trays that can be moved up and down to make things, you know, for taller products or shorter products. All the machines are also connected to the internet. They’re connected to the cell phone network so they take credit cards. At any time, I can go online or go onto my cell phone or anything and see exactly what’s in the machine.” 

The business partners who formed Houston Healthy Vending include a doctor, a fitness coach and Bates, who is a captain with the Third Calvary at Fort Hood. 

There are 13 machines in Houston now, including three in area schools. 

Bates hopes to see them placed throughout the Houston Independent School District.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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