Texas Lawmaker: ‘Any Major Metropolitan Area Is Subject To Terrorism’

One Houston lawmaker says the events happening this week in Boston show that we need to be prepared for anything, at any time.

When Houston state Sen. John Whitmire heard the events taking place in Boston, he started considering whether local law enforcement is prepared.

“I wonder if a location like Houston looks at what’s happening in Boston, and they play kind of a mind game or maybe even more literal, they sit down and say, ‘How would we have done this, this, this because you now, any major metropolitan area is subject to terrorism. So, I’ve got to have confidence that our officials, local and state and federal, are prepared for the worst.”

He’s amazed at the amount of big news events that have occurred in short order.

“It’s amazing. It started three weeks ago with the Kaufman County shootings, then you got Boston and so, everybody’s on. I can tell they’ve beefed up the security here in the [Texas] Capitol. I don’t know if they know something I don’t know, but there’s a lot of security here.”

Whitmire was recently threatened by Texas prisoners for supporting a cell phone crackdown in state prisons.  He says regardless of who you are, everybody should be on guard and aware of surroundings. ?