Oil & Gas Leadership Roles Opening Up For Women

The growing labor shortage in the energy sector is opening up new opportunities for women.

Oil and gas companies invariably look to people who’ve gotten their hands dirty to fill their top ranks. And since historically most of those working the rigs and refineries have been men, it’s the men who have filled the executive suites.

Now the industry is facing a shortage of talent. Baby boomers are retiring in droves. The number of men graduating college with degrees in science and engineering isn’t keeping up with demand.

Sue Ellerbusch heads up BP’s North American biofuels business.

“Energy companies have a lot of roles that are about engineering, science, math, technology. And as we promote more women into those and we bring more women into the entry-level roles, what’s going to be important to move them through the organization is actually create mentorship opportunities and to create ambitions within the company to really provide pathways for women.”

BP has set a goal of having women make up 30% of its senior leadership by 2020.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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Andrew Schneider joined News 88.7 in January 2011. Since arriving in Houston, he has reported on the many changes wrought on the region’s economy by the revolution in domestic oil and gas production. His non-energy reporting runs the gamut from white-collar crime to cattle ranching. His work has aired on...

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