Metro’s Day Pass To Come Back

After a five-year hiatus, Houston Metro's day pass is coming back. Yesterday's Metro board vote will make it possible for the Q-Card to accommodate the day pass feature.

The popular day pass was discontinued in 2008 when Metro switched over to the Q-Card system.  Passengers can use pre-paid fare cards that can be recharged on buses and the light rail. The Metro board now voted to modify its contract with ACS/Xerox so the software can be adjusted to accept a day pass feature.

Metro CEO Tom Lambert says the agency is listening to the public’s demands.

“It’s very good for our customers. We’ve heard from the public that they want day passes back and we’re going to move very diligently to make sure to get that accomplished.”

The Metro board vote was just the first step in the implementation. The new day pass will likely cost $3.

“A person may be coming to work in the morning, and they take a second trip on the transit system and then a third trip and then from there, fourth trip and on, they can ride anywhere on the local system within the 24-hour period.”

Karl Harris is a student at Houston Community College’s. He uses the metro five to six days a week to go to different locations for an internship.

His only option currently is to pay for each trip by using his Q-Card so he looks forward to having the day pass.

“That would be an excellent deal for me, absolutely. I’m a student plus I work full-time, and because gas prices are so high, you know, and I try to save as much as I could, so this would be an awesome deal.”

A single trip on a Metro bus or rail costs $1.25.

The goal is to launch the day pass in four to five months. With it, Metro hopes to increase ridership by about 1.5 million boardings per year.


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