After Four Decades, Galveston Realizes There’s An Obvious Song To Promote Tourism

Galveston is planting an earworm in the brains of tourists. The island's tourism bureau has re-worked an old song in hopes of bringing new visitors to the island.

“Galveston, oh Galveston. I still hear your sea winds blowin’…”

In 1969, Glenn Campbell topped the Country and Easy Listening charts with a song about a soldier thinking about a girl he loves in his hometown.

“She was 21, when I Ieft Galveston.”

Now, the updated version — not a single lyric has changed.

“I clean my gun, and dream of Galveston.”

“We made the decision to keep the lyrics the same, because we didn’t want to change it too much.  Because we thought that it would lose its memorability (sic) in peoples’ minds.”

That’s Leah Cast with the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau.  So why did it take 44 years for Galveston to start using this song?

“Well, I don’t think that it took so long. I think that, you know, we really just wanted to look at how Galveston has been reinvented in the last few years.  And we thought what (a) great way to do that than reinventing this historic song that’s so iconic — and tying it into our promotions for how Galveston has changed over the last few years.”

The Convention & Visitors Bureau spent $20,000 for the rights to the song, which will expire in two years. In the meantime, expect anything you see or hear related to tourism on the island to have this playing underneath.


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