Texas Bill To Launch Governor Term Limit Debate

A bill that sets a limit on how long certain state officials can serve will soon be up for debate amongst Texas lawmakers.

The bill filed by Republican Sen. Kevin Eltife of Tyler limits a governor or any other member of the executive branch to two consecutive terms. Before the Senate’s State Affairs committee, Eltife explains that any person currently serving would be grandfathered in.

“That way it applies to both current office holders and future office holders equally the same way. So this bill anyone who has been in office no matter how long, they can do another two.”

Democrat Sen. Rodney Ellis of Houston voted in favor of the bill.

“I’m supporting because when you have that concentration of power, in a position like governor. When someone has made all the appoints to boards of regents and commissions, regulatory boards, amassing all those funds in campaign contributions, I think you need a break.”

Ellis says Texas is one of the few states who do not have any type of term limits and currently has the longest serving governor. The bill was approved to be heard and debated before the full Senate.