Allergy Season Arrives Early To Houston

Recent changes in the weather and more windy days than usual have helped allergy season kick-off a bit early in Houston. There's a reason why you may have itchy eyes and a runny nose.

Tree pollen usually isn’t a factor for most allergy sufferers until later in the spring, but because of drastic changes in the temperature and gusty days here in Houston, things have gotten bad early.

Dr. Norma Perez is an infectious disease specialist at UT Health and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

“It’s just the changes in weather that’s really lifting the pollen from the trees and causing this massive movement around and causing a lot of people who usually have mild allergies to have more severe allergies than typical and expected. So it seems the concentration is a lot higher as well.”

She says over the counter medications like Clariton and Zyrtec do the trick for most allergy sufferers, but if they don’t, there are other options.

“Generally many people will take one dose a day for the month or the time the allergy comes that they’re aware of. But if you’re having typical symptoms that are worse and the medicines are not working, you may consider talking to your doctor about allergy shots, because those are a bit more potent and may help you be better controlled.”

Perez says tree pollen is an issue now, but grass pollen will be the next allergen culprit in the summer.