Chemical Tankers Collide South Of Galveston

Coast Guard investigators say they'll look into what caused to chemical tankers to collide early today about 70 miles south of Galveston.

The collision between the 385-foot Chem Sea and 557-foot Bow Kiso happened at about 4:30 this morning.  This is Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Stephen Lehmann.

“One of the vessels, the Bow Kiso, it suffered a fuel leak in their engine room. They were able to patch-up the leak and siphon the fuel from that damaged tank to another tank on board and keep moving.” 

 The two vessels have now arrived at the Bolivar Roads anchorage where Coast Guard investigators are boarding both tankers to inspect damage. Lehmann says it appears nothing leaked from either vessel.

“From initial reports that we got from these boats and their captains, there wasn’t any pollution or injuries. We confirmed these reports by conducting some overflights of the vessels and making sure there was no sheening, that they weren’t losing any of their product that they were bringing into port and this proved to be accurate.”
He says both tankers were transporting a variety of chemicals headed to refineries here in the Houston area.

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Two inbound chemical tankers collided Wednesday, approximately 70 miles south of Galveston, causing some internal damage to one of the tankers. Zoom out (-) if you are having trouble viewing the map.