Triumph Cruisers From Houston Finally Return Home

A week-long cruise ship saga is over as passengers from Carnival Triumph return to Houston. Some arrived on buses and others flew in on chartered planes this morning.

The Triumph pulled into port in Mobile last night, but the trip home was far from over for Houstonian Callista Clark, who was on her first cruise when things went wrong earlier this week. Clark and others were bused from Mobile to New Orleans last night.

“We were sent to the Hilton in downtown New Orleans off of Canal Street. They were absolutely lovely there. They had put out a big buffet of hot food, which was delicious. But then we had to be back down in the lobby at 5 a.m. to be ready for our flight out.”

That flight arrived at Bush Intercontinental earlier today. Clark says she’s ready to take a break from vacations for a while.

“There’s been lots of lines and lots of waiting. I’ve gotten really good at it. I don’t think that I’m going to be attending any kind of attraction park anytime soon, because I don’t want to see a line for a long time.”

Clark says the staff on the Triumph did a great job during the ordeal, but she’s not sure how she feels about how Carnival’s corporate office handled it.

She’ll get $500 cash for her trouble and a refund for the cruise that created international headlines.


Edel Howlin

Edel Howlin

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