Houston Extends 2013 Amnesty Program For Another Week

City of Houston Municipal Courts Department has extended its 2013 Amnesty Program deadline for another week. That means people with outstanding court orders will have an extra week to take care of it

The amnesty program was scheduled to end Saturday the 9th, but spokesperson Gwendolyn Goins says Director and Presiding Judge Barbara Hartle thought it’s something they may have just heard about.

“And so she wanted to make sure that we gave as much time as we possibly could to people who are just hearing about it, give them a chance to come in and take advantage of this opportunity.”

She says so far the public’s in-person response to the amnesty has not been what she would call “outstanding”, but is encouraged that the pace is picking up.

“The number of outstanding delinquent cases at any given time is about 300,000. Now, all of those are eligible for the amnesty program, but what we want to do is give as many people as possible, an opportunity to come in and resolve their cases, so that they’re no longer under the threat of arrest and save some money in the process.”

Amnesty is available only for cases that became delinquent on or before October 21, 2012. It can be done in person, online or by phone. For more information, visit the Municipal Courts website at