Female Bank Robbers Uncommon, But Not Unusual

Houston police arrested a woman they say robbed a bank in southwest Houston earlier this month. Meanwhile, authorities have determined that another bank holdup was committed by a woman who tried to disguise herself as a man.

Thirty-two year old Tiffany Michelle Davis was arrested in connection with the robbery of a J.P. Morgan Chase Bank inside a busy Fiesta Store on Bellaire in SW Houston, February 2nd. This is FBI Special Agent Shauna Dunlap:

“Members of our FBI Bank Robbery Task Force, working hand-in-hand with Houston police officers, were able to arrest here in a traffic stop in Houston without incident.”

Meanwhile, another bank bandit initially thought to be a man, was not:

metro robber“Metro Bandit”

“She was sort of dressed we believe, in an effort to disguiser her gender, and initial witnesses reported that they believed it was a male. We have since learned that that individual is a female, and we are looking for that person as well, for a bank robbery that happened about a week or so ago. That robber was dubbed the ‘Metro Bandit’, because they got on to a Metro bus after the robbery.”

You might think that it’s unusual to hear about bank robberies being committed by women but Dunlap says:

“There’s not really a particular profile. We don’t see female bank robbers often, but we do see at least a couple of them a year it seems, and this is our second female bank robber for this year in 2013.”

Authorities are working on about a dozen bank holdups this year already. There were 160 bank robberies committed in 2012.