Increasing Sexual Assaults In North Harris County

Police need you help in identifying and locating one, possibly two rapists believed responsible for a number of sexual assaults in north Harris County. Investigators fear the attacks could get more violent.

Investigators are working several cases.

One involves the assault of women who work in the escort business. Someone makes a call to the business, agrees to meet at a specific location, and that’s when the assault takes place.  

Harris County Sheriff’s Lt. Ruben Diaz with the Adult Sex Crimes Unit says they’ve documented at least seven sexual assaults in that general area:

“Upon further investigating these cases, we started noticing the similarities in all of them and we believe, that it might possibly be just one suspect, but we’re not certain yet. We could be working with two separate males.”

The cases started in 2011, then it stopped briefly but picked back up in 2012. Diaz says the assaults are becoming more frequent:

“He’s going online, and he’s looking for escort services online and there’s different sites that he goes on for that purpose. Through our investigation, we’ve also found that a female might even be assisting him: setting up these dates, getting them to the location, and then when they go to the apartment that they’re supposed to meet this guy — to their surprise that’s an empty apartment. They get drug into the apartment and sexually assaulted.”

Meanwhile, investigators want to collar a particular sexual predator who’s calling card is extreme violence in his attacks. One involved a 16 yr old female who was found naked and bleeding in a northwest side movie theater parking lot Tuesday night. She told police she’d been brutally assaulted and beaten.

Crime Stoppers is hoping to solve these cases by offering a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest.