Campaign Season Continues In State Senate District 6

Residents of state Senate District 6 have another election to look forward to. Saturday's special election to fill the seat left vacant by the late Mario Gallegos resulted in a run-off between the two top candidates.

One thing is certain: State Senate District 6 will go to a Hispanic female Democrat.

What’s uncertain is which one: Carol Alvarado or Sylvia Garcia?

Garcia garnered the most votes in Saturday’s special election, winning 45 percent to Alvarado’s nearly 42 percent. Garcia says she’s happy and excited and ready for the sprint toward the run-off.

“I was working the phones yesterday, I worked phones this morning, I’m doing events this afternoon. We haven’t stopped and I, frankly, just want it to be sooner than later, which is why I’m urging the governor to call the election as soon as possible.”

Alvarado is also knocking on doors and making phone calls. These kinds of elections tend to have extremely low turn-out.  

Alvarado says her challenge will be to make sure everyone who voted the first time, votes again in the run-off.

“We’ve got to get out there and remind people that there’s a special election, there’s a run-off taking place. The legislative session has started and Senate District 6 needs a senator.”

Texas statutes call for Harris County to canvass the election and confirm the results before the governor can set a date for the run-off, which will likely be March 2nd.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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