President Bush Still Hospitalized

Although former President George Bush has been in the hospital for nearly a month — his spokesman says his condition continues to improve.  Doctors are still saying the 88-year-old Mr. Bush will be home by Christmas.

Former President Bush was hospitalized on November 23rd with a repeat case of bronchitis.

Bush Family Spokesman Jim McGrath says the bronchitis and cough are gone, but doctors at Methodist Hospital are working on Mr. Bush’s strength.

“It took some time for the medicines to get that under control, get the cough under control. And they say at age 88, when you battle bronchitis, for every day you’re on your back in the hospital it takes about three days to recover. And of course there’s a little bit of abundance of caution here with President Bush, given his advanced age.”

McGrath says the president’s doctors plan to release him on Monday at the latest, and possibly earlier. They’ve promised former First Lady Barbara Bush he’ll be home in time for Christmas.

“They’re planning on being home here in Houston for Christmas Day. And I know Neal and Maria and Pearce, his grandson, and others that live here in the area will be descending on the house I’m sure to celebrate that special day. And then whether or not there’s travels in his plans, that piece of it still remains to be determined. But we’re just looking forward to getting him home.”

The long-time Houston couple split their time between their home here and a summer residence in Maine.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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