All Houston Sectors Expected To Add Jobs In 2013

Houston's rate of job growth is likely to slow in 2013. But some sectors will continue to stand out as hiring at a faster pace than others.

Recent surveys of Houston purchasing managers suggest businesses are hunkering down on hiring. The most common reason cited is uncertainty over taxes, as Congress and the White House remain deadlocked over how to avoid the fiscal cliff.

But economists at the Greater Houston Partnership paint a brighter picture. Here’s Patrick Jankowski, the GHP’s vice president of research.

“Next year, every sector in Houston’s economy will be adding jobs. Some of them won’t be adding jobs as fast as they added them this year, or in ’11, but there’re actually going to be no losers next year. Even the government sector and information sector — every sector will add jobs to some extent.”

Construction is expected to add the most jobs in Houston next year, followed closely by health care and leisure & hospitality. Professional and business services are likely to hire at a faster clip in 2013, following a net loss of jobs this year.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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