Protesters Want Congressman Olson To Support Tax Cuts For Middle Class

As the pressure to solve the fiscal cliff builds, Republican Congressman Pete Olson's Sugar Land office was the scene of a protest. The protesters want Olson to commit to extend the middle-class tax cuts.

Inside the lobby of Congressman Pete Olson’s Sugar Land office was a small group of people hoping to speak to the lawmaker. Houston attorney John Mikus says there is too much fraud in the Medicaid program:

Protesters“We ought to employ auditors. We ought to employ people to save taxpayers money. That’s where we ought to be spending the money. The sad thing is the Republicans, in my opinion, don’t like to do that . They don’t want to invest in people to correct the solution. They want to eliminate the program.”

Meanwhile, as this group was told to leave by Ft. Bend County sheriff’s deputies, a much bigger group marched outside. Durell Douglas was one of the protesters:

“We’re here today, to talk to Representative Olson, and to tell him that we voted for jobs, not cuts. We’re here to tell him that we want to strengthen the middle class, that we don’t want Congress to balance the budget on the backs of hard-working families, that we don’t want them to compromise on cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, and essential services that are essential to our community.”

Janet Hernandez says lawmakers like Olson must be mindful of those struggling to find a job…like her:

“I have a son. He’s 19 years old. From now on, how am I going to pay for his insurance if I don’t have a job? I’m out of a job. My husband doesn’t have a job either. They want us to get out of food stamps and Medicaid and everything. But how are we gonna feed our kids? That’s why I’m here.”  

Houston attorney John Mikus
Houston attorney John Mikus holding sign

Richard Shaw with the Harris County AFL-CIO says the so-called fiscal cliff includes everybody.

“We had an election just a few weeks ago, and a strong majority of this country spoke, and said what they wanted. They didn’t want cuts. They wanted something done with taxes and they needed jobs. So, this is a non-partisan issue, and Congressman Olson needs to get on board and be a representative for all the people.”

Congressman Olson did not come out to speak to the group, but part of a statement he released stated that the group of protesters do not reflect the views of a large majority of his constituents. His statement said that he voted to pass legislation to avert the fiscal cliff and protect middle class families from tax hikes adding, “The president needs to respond.”



Full statement provided by Rep. Pete Olson’s office:

“Back in August, I voted with a majority of the House to pass legislation to avert the fiscal cliff and protect middle class families from tax hikes. The President needs to respond. This event today was another typical orchestrated demonstration designed to get attention and be disruptive. They certainly do not reflect the views of the large majority of my constituents who live in the 22nd Congressional District. My constituents are serious about getting America out of the dire fiscal straits we currently face. I want to thank the Sugar Land Police and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office for ensuring the safety of all.”