Former President Bush Remains Hospitalized, But Improving

Former President George H. W. Bush remains in Methodist hospital as he recovers from bronchitis.

The former President and longtime Houstonian has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks.

He was hospitalized on November 23rd when a severe cough from bronchitis would not go away.

Bush Family Spokesman Jim McGrath says President Bush’s health continues to improve and doctors are hopeful that he’ll be sent home within a few days.

“The doctors have increased his physical activity with the view of trying to get him to their goal of walking with minimal assistance. And once he reaches that point they believe they’ll be able to discharge him. So that’s the goal for now — getting him up, getting him walking, getting that energy level back. But he continues to make great progress, we’re happy to report.”

McGrath says the painful cough that put Mr. Bush in the hospital has mostly dissipated.

“Given the fact that he is 88 years old, that he did have the bout with bronchitis not once, but twice, it did take a little bit of wind out of his sails. And so the recovery is that much more prolonged. But I just want to reassure all your listeners that he is making progress and he’s strung together a couple of good days here. And that’s what he needs to get that strength back up so he can get the discharge.”

McGrath says the former first lady, Barbara Bush has been at the president’s side throughout his hospital stay and several of his children, including former President George W Bush have visited.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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