Texas Ranked 16th Most-Expensive State For Drivers

Nearly 44 million people are expected to be on the roads this holiday weekend, according to AAA. Andrew Schneider looks at how much of a bite that means for Texas wallets compared to the rest of the country. recently looked at state averages for annual miles driven, the cost of gasoline, and the cost of insuring a new Honda Accord. It then looked at how much residents of each state paid to drive as a percentage of their income. The result is what the site calls the Automotive Misery Index.

Des Toups is with

“People in Texas drive a lot more than people in, say, Connecticut, so we looked at that. We also looked at the incomes involved. People in Connecticut make a lot more than people in Texas do, too.”

Taking all that together, Texas ranked as the 16th most-miserable state for drivers.

“The average bite was 7.7%, which means about $1 in every $13 or $14 [you earn] is going to your car expenses.”

The index ranked Mississippi as the most-expensive state for drivers and New Hampshire as the least.



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